New Camera

Panasonic Lumix dmc-fz1000.  Excited to learn to use this baby!  I have the advanced features owner’s manual, but if anyone has advice, other learning avenues I should explore let me know.  Herewith,  you have permission to nag me to practice and before long share some photos 🙂


Photo 101 – BIG & point of view – Day 7


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I’ve many more photos of BIG: redwoods, grand canyon, white rock, Eiffel Tower, snake, shoes, waterfalls


Waterfall somewhere along the North Cascades Highway in Washington State

It will be good for me to get more pics organized and accessible and make duplicates and duds disappear.  Does anyone else have a photo clutter problem?

Solitude – photo 101 – day 5


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Bear with me. Someone has found solitude among these party animals.  (scroll down)

Animal Party  The party’s almost over.
  – Someone hasn’t noticed. One bunny obliviously reading old children’s book…animal party - solitude

In loving memory of my Aunti Vi, from whom I inherited a number of teddy bears and wonderful books I can’t bear to part with.


Learning the Rule of Thirds:


Tiny Treats

One way to reward oneself for incremental progress made toward goals is to carefully ration to yourself tiny treats that you love. My favorite treat:


Santa brings these mocha beans (coffee chocolates – no real coffee beans) to me each Christmas. I dole them out to myself one by one from December 25 to December 25, often as rewards to myself when I accomplish small steps toward big goals. They stay yummy all year and if any are left the following Christmas (and there usually are) I share with my Christmas guests to bring in the new year.